4 tips to get a job through Bonded TODAY!!

In this article we’ll share the pro-tips to hack your job search with Bonded. These are tips from users who have found job(s) with us. If you have any questions… just follow the fourth tip!!!

1. Full profile means happy heart – upload your experience

Bonded Works through a listing recommendation system. This means the App will show you the listings it thinks you’ll be interested in, according to the experience you have. For this reason, it is important that you fill out your profile and, above all else, upload your experience.

At Bonded, we are sure that you have some experience. We don’t only mean formal experience. Have you worked in the family business? Have you worked summers during high school? Tell us through the App!

Fun fact: You are FOUR TIMES more likely to be contacted by companies if you upload your experience. The more the better.

2. Recruiters are dying to meet you – record a Mideo

Sometimes the one thing we need is to get a foot on the door: to get that one interview. Sometimes we’d like to give recruiters a snapshot of who we are. With the Mideo, now you can!

Tell us who you are and what you’re looking for in a short video. Many users who have recorded Mideos report to have gotten an interview within the next 24 hours!!

Read everything about how to record your Mideo here

Fun fact: you are THREE TIMES more likely to be contacted by companies if you record a Mideo in the app.

3. Go to every interview you schedule – give a great interview

Like all other users in Bonded, you have a score. The higher your score is, the more companies will contact you. Think of this score as your Bonded reputation: you must take care of it.

Keeping a good score is easy: go to every interview you schedule. If you miss your interviews, your score will go down.

A great interview is crucial! Here is an article that will help you out with this https://www.bonded.mx/post/the-perfect-interview

4. Help us help you – contact us

The Bonded staff is obsessed with getting their users get hired: every time someone does, there is celebration at the office.

If you think about it, in Bonded you have a team of people dedicated to getting you a job. With the following link, you’ll be able to write to Gigi so that she can personally help you (remember to add your name):