Mideo: the living, breathing CV

What does one look for in a potential employee? The right skills? The right

experience? The right personality?

We know finding the right jobseekers to interview is tough and time

consuming. That’s why we created a tool to help you evaluate the eligibility

of your candidates in less than a minute. Jobseekers can now record

themselves talking about their own experience, skills and expectations in

short videos called Mideos.

Sixty percent of recruiters make up their minds about a particular candidate

within the first fifteen minutes of their interview. Five percent decide within

the first minute. The lesson: first impressions matter.

The Mideo is designed to help you choose who to interview. If an image is

worth a thousand words, a short video... is surely more helpful than a cv.

Explore our users’ Mideos and you shall find an ocean of personalities and

profiles. We’ve got serious and professional introverts looking for high

concentration positions; fun and spontaneous extroverts seeking team-work


We’ve got jobseekers with tens of thousands of hours’ worth

of experience in the food and beverage industry under their belt. We’ve also

got high school graduates looking for some experience in an entry level job.

When you’ve found a jobseeker that you might want to hire, use a message

credit to contact them and schedule an interview.

You’ll be amazed by their

enthusiasm: it’s our most eager users who usually upload Mideos. The whole

process might take minutes and, after a brief interview, you’ll find you have

a fresh new addition to your team