The perfect interview

You’ve got your foot on the door. You got the interview for the job you were looking for. Now what?

Interviews are arguably the most important part of the recruitment process. For you, the jobseeker, it’s the best chance you’ll get to show who you are and what your soft skills look like. In a good interview, you’ll get the chance that you are an ambitious, cooperative and proactive person.

For the recruiter, on the other hand, the interview is a decisive moment. Most recruiters claim to make their choice about a particular candidate within the first fifteen minutes of the interview. If you think about it, almost everything is hanging on how you show up, say hello and introduce yourself during your interview.

After talking to dozens of recruiters, the Bonded team has prepared a set of tips which will guide you to deliver the best interview possible.

Keep in mind that for every job, the recruiter will be looking for different traits. We’ll try to be as general in our advice as possible. Try to adapt these tips to the sector you seek to enter!

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The most important part: show up!

For many Jobs you’ll find in Bonded, recruiters are desperate to hire as soon as humanly possible. Showing up on time and without a raincheck shows compromise. Punctuality and formality is, of course, of vital importance for most companies: show these traits from day one.

Showing up to all interviews you schedule will improve your score in Bonded. The higher your score is, the more likely companies will contact you back.

First impressions matter

Presentation is important.

There is no such thing as “good presentation”. Rather it is something which varies from sector to sector. For a restaurant job, for instance, showing good personal hygiene is particularly vital. In a design or fashion gig, showing your style in clothing is important. A mental exercise: imagine the perfect employee for the job you’re applying to. Show up as similar to that ideal employee as possible.

A great part of first impressions is your initial greeting. In these first words and gesture you express, like it or not, your personality. Think about your virtues and social skills: Are you confident, self-sufficient and organized? Try to express so in your greeting.

Positive attitude and mentality

Most jobs you’ll find in Bonded involve either talking to clients or teamwork. Recruiters look for cooperative and positive employees. They avoid at all costs people who seem conflictive or pessimistic. For these reasons, developing a positive mentality is extremely useful.

What does this look like? During your interview, try to answer the questions you’re asked in the most positive way. Mention something you like about a relevant person or task. Talk about positive experiences you’ve had in previous teams or with former superiors.

Furthermore, try to talk about your ambitions and personal goals. This will show your responsible and compromised side.

Do previous research

Believe it or not, a quick Google search of the company and position you’re applying to, if previously unfamiliar, will give you a surprising edge. Try to recall interesting facts and, if appropriate, mention them during your interview. Showing knowledge of the company and position shows you as compromised and responsible. This proactivity may grant you Access to better positions in the future.

Talk to someone to bounce ideas and practive

The best way to ensure you give a great interview is to reach out to a friend or family member and practice your interview. Ask for honest feedback and try to modify your answers accordingly in further tries.

Although it may seem tiresome, you’ll improve not only for the interview at hand, but for all further interviews. Reach out to us through the link if you want us to help you prep (don’t forget to include your name)!!%20Estoy%20buscando%20chamba%20en%20Bonded.%20Me%20ayudas%20a%20preparar%20mi%20entrevista%3F